Springtime Spectacles

Just proportion of energy
shared by two halves of a globe
The sun above the equatorial wheel

Perceived three-dimensional scene
Contrasting red-blue colour code
Stereoscopic vision revealed

Images integrated,
printed and laminated
Ingenious optical trick
two hundred microns thick

You have resumed your evening classes
halfway through the second term
The walk has loosened up your tendons

You must use the 3D glasses
There is much still for you to learn
Impressive are the rhododendrons

Azaleas are so alien,
shrubby with five stamens
Azimuth of everything
Anaglyph in the spring

I'll bind you in the minuteness of the microns

Gently stretching days
The wasps begin to graze

Holes in a honeycomb
The mouth of a cyclostome

Supercell thunderstorm
The bison are about to swarm