The Cubhood Of Wahb


Down towards the Meteetsee, the bearcub carries on
There's no food on the Graybull, the berries are almost gone
For the man who hunted his family, the price of peace is war
The Bobcat, the Range-Cow, the Coyote, Wahb despises them all

Living is ugly and hard
The grizzly cubhood of Wahb

He finds the little granaries where the squirrels hoard their nuts
for Winter in great quantities, for Wahb it is good luck
He reaches out towards them then hears a sudden clank
One of his paws is caught in the steel of a beaver trap

Wriggling up through the barbs
The grizzly cubhood of Wahb


'The Biography of a Grizzly' by Ernest Thompson Seton

from The Floating Republic and the London Clay